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Many of those who follow me, know that I am Deaf. Oral Deaf to be exact, so yes I can speak. Equally, I can lip-read which, although not perfect, I highly rely on for communication with others. Lately, I have been experiencing discrimination by managers and they have violated my rights as a Deaf individual. I have been reaching out to the proper channels, so hopefully something will be able to get done soon.

Though I am unable to go into full detail just now, I will once everything is settled. In more positive news, my fiancé and I finally got married on the 30th! The wedding was small, simple and exactly how we wanted it to be. We will also be getting a new house which is extremely exciting. So many changes have been taking place lately, and I thoroughly believe that there are reasons for them all.

My goal for now is to keep my head held high and continue to push forward. I have faith that good things are to come. Though it may not seem that way right now, I know it will happen. Like my grandmother always said, “Patience is a virtue” and grandma was always right. Here’s to the future and bright beginnings!

One thought on “Standing My Ground

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing discrimination. That absolutely should not be happening, and I sincerely hope it’s resolved! Also, congrats on getting married! Super excited for you 🙂


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